Greenyarn respects the privacy of each individual, and takes the responsibility of protecting your privacy seriously. When you visit, we try to learn something about you for legitimate business purposes. Specifically, we're interested in what role you play in your company and what relationship your company has with Greenyarn. We're interested in that information so that we can tailor the content of our site as best we can to your interests, to make each of your visits to more informative and productive than the last. We understand, however, that not everyone wants to have a familiar relationship with a Web site. So, here's what you can expect from us.

Every time you visit a Web site these days, someone's learning something about you: your name, what kind of browser you use, which pages you choose to visit on that site. With personalization now the name of the game in customer relationship management, the collection of such data over the Internet is a fact of life.

Order Info
When placing an order through our secure website, we collect information such as your name, address, phone number(s), E-mail address, etc. All information collected is stored in our secure database and is used to process and ship your order. After your order is shipped, only your general contact information is kept on our systems in case we need to contact you regarding an urgent matter. i.e. a delay in shipment, damaged item, update on order status etc. Greenyarn will also send E-mail offers which are exclusive to customers of However, they can be turned off by simply clicking a removal link which is included in all our E-mails.