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Properties of Eco-fabric and explanation.
Q: What benefits does Eco-fabric have?
A: Eco-fabric is antibacterial, antifungal, breathable, cool, thermal regulating, reduces static electricity, absorbs and emits far infrared radiation, de-odorizes, green and washable.

Q: How does Eco-fabric get its antibacterial and antifungal property?
A: Bamboo thrives naturally without using any pesticide and bamboo-carbon nano particles still retains its natural antibacterial, antifungal, bacteriostasis and deodorization properties. Eco-fabric contains bamboo-carbon nano particles hence also has those properties.

Q: Does Eco-fabric contain antimicrobial agent to be anti-bacterial?
A: As Eco-fabric has natural antibiosis function, it does not need antimicrobial agent to be antibacterial. It also should not cause any allergic reaction to the skin, unlike other fibers sterilized with antimicrobial agent.

Q: Why is Eco-fabric breathable and dry?
Bamboo-carbon yarn has a cross-section filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, hence compared to other conventional fabric; it has better moisture absorption and ventilation. Eco-fabric products can absorb and disperse sweat fast, making them feel dry and comfortable. They also do not stick to skin during hot summer days.

Q: How does Eco-fabric get its thermal regulating property?
A: As we use only fiber that contain a high concentration of Bamboo-carbon nano particles, the fiber traps heat and thermal regulates better. Together with our weaving methods, Eco-fabric products not only feel dry during hot days, they also have great insulating effect of maintaining temperature in the cold.

Q: Why does Eco-fabric absorb and emit of Far Infrared Radiation?
A: Bamboo-carbon nano particles can absorb far infrared radiation from the environment, and emit them to help in cell activation, promotes blood circulation and metabolism in the long run.

Q: Why does Eco-fabric not cause static buildup?
A: Bamboo-carbon nano is a conductive material, and its presence in fabric will make Eco-fabric have a balanced charge. Test result show that when Eco-fabric is rubbed against polyester, nylon and other synthetic fabrics and surfaces, it will not have any charge buildup at all. Hence, the wearer of Eco-fabric products will not experience static electrical shock even in dry weather conditions.

Q: How is Eco-fabric de-odorizing?
A: As bamboo-carbon has porous structure. Eco-fabric can absorb and decompose benzene, phenol, methyl alcohol, and other harmful substances.

Q: Does the production of Eco-fabric harm the environment?
A: Eco-fabric gets all its above properties from bamboo. Harmful chemicals are not used during production of Eco-fabric. In fact, Greenyarn is getting CAS certification on its products.

Q: Does Eco-fabric lose its properties after washing?
A: As the bamboo-carbon nano particles is distributed inside fibers rather than on their surface, Eco-fabric is washable without diminishing the effectiveness of the carbon powder's special qualities even after 50 washes.

Other questions on Eco-fabric
Q: What is Eco-fabric?
A: Eco-fabric is fabric made by Greenyarn that contains nano-particles of bamboo-charcoal. (For more information go to technology section of this webpage)

Q: What colors is Eco-fabric available in?
A: Eco-fabric currently has several designs found under the product link. Most Eco-fabric contains grey-colored bamboo-carbon nano-particles and is generally contains shades of grey as we do not use chemicals to dye Eco-fabric.

Q: What is the main difference between Eco-fabric and other fabric that contains bamboo charcoal?
A: Greenyarn uses fiber containing the highest concentration of nano-particles of bamboo-charcoal. Greenyarn also further processes this fiber to ensure a higher quality yarn for Greenyarn products. Processing varies depending on the usage. Greenyarn also has high level of quality assurance to ensure that every product with Eco-Fabric logo is of high quality and functions as claimed. Greenyarn also believes in protecting the environment, and in the production of Eco-fabric, effort is put in to ensure minimal pollution to the environment. All Eco-fabric products are tested for their benefits and quality of product.

Questions on Greenyarn Socks
Q: What is needle count?
A: Needle count is the count on total number of needles used in knitting a sock. The higher the needle count relative to the size of the cylinder results in close stitches and a fine gauge.

Q: Why is higher needle count better?
A: In general, higher needle count machines makes durable denser socks (not thicker) and the fine gauge allows the socks to fit better.

Q: What are the benefits of Greenyarn Socks?
A: Greenyarn socks contain Eco-fabric, so they have all the benefits of Eco-fabric. Furthermore, as it is 200 needle count, cushioned sole, the cushioning is so dense that it does not flatten, making the socks cushioning all day long. It has 4 sizes as our feet differ in sizes and it has an arch band and Y-heel tab to fit better, so that the socks do not bunch up after prolonged wear.

Q: What are some high needle count socks so expensive?
A: High needle count socks take a much longer time to knit. They are also newer machines that make these finer socks. Regular socks take about 1 minute a pair to manufacture, and 200 needle count socks take 4 minutes each sock. Our machines cost 10 times that of a regular sock machine and as there are more needles, maintenance costs are also higher. Greenyarn owns their own technology and strive to make the socks affordable so that everyone that wants comfort can get these socks.

Q: Does the cushioning help relief pain in knees and heels?
A: The cushioning that Greenyarn socks provide all day reduces the impact everytime you take a step. With more shock absorbed, the pain in the heels and knees felt at the end of the day is greatly reduced.

Q: Do I need special care instructions for the Eco-fabric socks?
A: As the nano bamboo charcoal is embedded in the socks, it will not wash off, so you can treat it like a normal cotton socks, but just do not use bleach them. These socks can be machine washed. For the socks to last longer, wash them in cold or warm water, do not throw them in the dryer, and do not wring dry.