Welcome to Greenyarn. We are a nanotechnology company that develops advanced materials for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fabrics. Greenyarn's global HQ is in Boston, Massachusetts.

Eco-fabric, Greenyarn's trademark yarn and fiber is used in many Greenyarn products, and the benefits such as antibacterial, deodorizing and wicking, comes from the way this sustainable fiber is processed. No dyes or bleaches are used during manufacturing, and all benefits come naturally from bamboo charcoal grown in the mountains of Taiwan (Jhushan)

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November 2016

Nanotech Bamboo Charcoal Underwear #Comfy to be launched in December

Boston, MA, November 3, 2016 - The long awaited underwear are being shipped at the moment and will be for sale soon. So, are they worth the wait? These Eco-fabric ladies bikini underwear are made with the latest weaving technology and materials to create these extremely comfortable underwear.

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March 2015

Improved Moist+ 3 (Moist+ 4)

Boston, MA, March 25, 2015 -- Greenyarn, will enhance Moist+ 3 Eco-fabric to make it softer and absorb more nutrients. Moist+ 3 is a relaxing at-home facial treatment for vibrant, soft and silky-smooth skin. We have improved on the formula and created a soft Eco-cotton facial mask that will give you the moisturizing and relaxing benefits of a spa-quality facial in your own home. Each mask is pre-cut and pre-moistened with a relaxing mix of Sea Weed extract, Hyaluronic Acid, D-Panthenol, Bamboo Extract, Matricaria Extract to moisturize your skin and boost its radiance.

Greenyarn Blog

November 2014

Greenyarn Compression Socks Launched

Boston, MA, November 1, 2014 -- Greenyarn, just launched a new version of Compression Socks. They do not have cuffs and are super cushioned throughout the sole, making them great for travel use as they do not constrict bloodflow. Many diabetic patients and people suffering from swollen feet use them because they have very mild compression, provide great cushioning and reduce the chance of blisters greatly.

October 2014

Greenyarn Gel Kneeguards Launched

Boston, MA, October 21, 2014 -- Greenyarn, just launched a new version of Kneeguards. With the advances of technology, the kneeguards contain Lycra and Eco-fabric, and as no bleach or dyes were used in production, people with sensitive skin can wear this kneeguard without fear. A new TPU film is just fully tested for the closed patella kneeguard and it holds the knee in place, great for post surgery or people with knee pains. The fast wicking Eco-fabric is deodorizing and antibacterial and this makes this kneeguard suitable for sports as well.

November 2013

New Deodorizing Seamless Smart Nanotechnology Briefs Launched

Boston, MA, November 03, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Greenyarn, a Boston firm developing advanced fabrics for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional materials, just launched a new version of Smart Briefs for Men.

With the advances of technology, the underwear is no longer just something that covers your privates. Today, with advances in knitting, these advanced mens boxer briefs can be made using a one piece seamless construction and without the use of rubber, eliminating the uncomfortable stretch marks cause by the elastic bands. Nanotechnology also enhanced materials, and Eco-fabric, a fabric embedded with nanoparticles of bamboo charcoal is deodorizing, antibacterial and promotes blood circulation.


December 2012

Greenfeet 3 Carbon Fiber Insoles launched

Athletes, kinesiologists, podiatrists, orthopedic and customers with flat feet come together to design an affordable insole to walk, cycle, run and do sports. For some time, athletes use orthopedic, corrective insoles to reduce pain in long distance running, and Greenfeet 3 is designed to be lighter, more comfortable and suitable for all feet types, in cluding flat feet, normal feet, to spread the pressure from walking to the whole feet including the arch, instead of just sticking a piece of runner or silicon to cushion the shock. Greenfeet 3 carbon fiber insoles will help balance, and the rigid spring plate will reduce stress from walking long distances and spread the impact of every step.

Greenyarn Blog

What is Eco-fabric?
Eco-fabric is a material that contains nano-particles of bamboo-charcoal, combining all natural cloth with the amazing properties of bamboo. Eco-fabric resists odor and germs, keeps cool and dry, and absorbs and emits far infra-red radiation.

What makes Greenyarn Socks better?
Firstly, All Greenyarn socks are 200-needle count, this means that they are more densely knitted than any other socks in the market. They include an archband and a Y-heel pocket for better fit. With these advanced features, they will not move around in your shoes and they will cushion your feet all day. Containing Eco-fabric, they also control odor and they kill bacterial.

Try them out, but be warned -- you will change your view on socks forever!

For more information feel free to browse our site, and please, send us your feedback! We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Robin Low
Chief Executive Officer



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